My current research fields concern on energy politics and security, international security and foreign policy issues, peace and conflictology, political economy, and internal/external affairs of South Caucasus.

ℹ️ Sanofi Regulatory Affairs Manager |

Some key tasks:
– Representing GRO Global Submissions Management on Global Regulatory Teams (GRTs) for assigned development and marketed products portfolio, per the GRA BluePrint model.
– Leading discussions with stakeholders and submission task force teams involving electronic guidance issues to ensure an appropriate understanding of electronic submission requirements from a cross-functionally perspective, supporting successful submissions.
– Directing the publishing activities for assigned portfolio to ensure high quality and timely submission delivery aligned to both Sanofi and Health Authority standards.
– Acting as Subject Matter Expert (SME) in audits/inspections, special projects and issue resolution for regional activities.
– Applying expert understanding on all regional dossier formats, standards, navigation and lifecycle management, eCTD, and ICH.
– And more…

→ Technologies: Smartsheet, Microsoft Office 365, Veeva Vault RIM, Insight for Viewing, Adobe Pro


ℹ️ CEVA Sante Animale Regulatory Affairs Specialist |
Ensuring compliance with regulations in the LATAM region. Successfully implemented 100+ registration activities in 20+ countries that had a critical revenue impact.

Some cool facts:
– Performed detailed research about regulations changes and laws in LATAM each month to determine the impact on company activities.
– Using the most complex reporting/tracking tools to gather and evaluate the data to improve performance.
– Facilitated web meetings with other departments and local colleagues in LATAM to ensure cohesion and discuss tactical/strategic plans.
– Enhanced and managed one or more medium-scale regulatory programs with generally defined plans and delivery methodologies including continuous improvement activities and compliance-related projects.
– Coordinated relations with NÉBIH that are related to the preparation of regulatory documents or submissions.
– And more…

→ Technologies: Smartsheet, Microsoft Office 365, Google Docs, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools and Technology.


ℹ️ European Parliament | Intern |
Worked as an intern on special topics regarding South Caucasus and International Relations.

Some cool facts:
– Had a chance to observe and analyse the legislative process in action
– Had meetings and established relations with political influencers in NATO, OSCE, EEAS, Wilfred Mertens Centre for European Studies, European Policy Center, Council of Europe, Belgian Foreign Affairs Ministry and European Commission.
– Attended the ceremony of annual “Good Lobby Awards”.
– Attended the vote of the EP on cases of breaches of human rights, democracy and the rule of law
– Participated in networking event ”Thursday Place Luxembourg”.
– Met with Mr Marc Franco (Hon. Ambassador/Head of Delegation Egmont Institute, Mr Pieter Van Loo (Desk Officer Caucasus and Central Asia.
– Participated in conference “East Asian Geopolitics and Security”.
– And more…

→ Technologies: Microsoft Office 365, Google Docs, Google Tools.


ℹ️ Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences | Leading Specialist |
Worked as a high-qualified researcher and senior specialist at Caucasus Policy Institution. Managed to publish co-authored monograph and 5+ articles in conference proceedings/journals/online media.

Some cool facts:
– Developed and evaluated issues and initiatives through the study of international policy and standards, overseas developments and reports.
– Prepared well-written and outstanding papers and briefing materials.
– Developed in-depth analysis of assigned issues at the national, regional and global levels.
– Coordinated 2 international conferences, played a key role to build relations and invite guests all over the world, did a synchronous translation from Azerbaijani/Turkish/Russian to English and vice/versa.
– Identified key trends, policies, and strategies to increase the reputation and scope of the Institute.
– Developed in-depth strategy for the website and journal of the Institution by doing comprehensive research about Social Media, Search terms, SEO, and other web techniques.
– And more…

→ Technologies: Microsoft Office 365, Google Docs, WordPress, Google Tools.


ℹ️ Technote LLC | External Relations Manager |
Improved company reputation since its start as a startup project on a global scale. Managed to build outstanding relations with tech companies such as Huawei, Samsung, Azercell, and more.

Some cool facts:
– Managed to win the tech competition by providing detailed tech reports and creating the ultimate guide video project for the contest.
– Established cooperative relationships with 25+ business contacts and investors.
– Played a key role in organising the “Hackaton” tech summit/contest by providing technical support and managerial activities.
– Demonstrated success in resource mobilization, including the ability to conceptualize resource mobilization strategies and approaches and achieve consensus with donors and partners.
– Managed to write well in English and produce engaging communication and advocacy material.
– Excellent interpersonal skills complemented by the ability to conceptualize ideas and advocate consensus
– And more…

→ Technologies: Microsoft Office 365, Google Docs, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, Android/iOS development tools.

Monograph | Aliyar Azimov, Yegana Bakhshiyeva, and Elnur Kalbizada. (2019). Armenia in the South Caucasus policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Baku:MTM Innovation, 360 p.

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2019 | “The EU-Azerbaijan energy cooperation and the South Caucasus”. 2nd International forum of the Caucasus studies scholars. 23-24 May, Baku, Azerbaijan

2019 | “Azerbaijan-Georgia relations: Geostrategic Partnership in the Caucasus”. Republican scientific conference on “Actual Problems of International Relations”. 25 October, Baku, Azerbaijan

2019 | “Identity politics as the cause of crisis within liberal institutions”. International scientific conference on “Political Realm. 5th Conference for Doctoral Students of Political Science”. 5-6 December, Budapest, Hungary

2020| “Caspian Convention and the future of EU Relations with the Caspian Basin.” 2nd International PhD Conference of the Doctoral School of International Relations and Political Science. 17 September 2020, Budapest, Hungary

2021 | “Russian interests in the EU energy market and influence towards Southern Gas Corridor”. Conference of “In service of the Nation”. 8 January 2021, Budapest, Hungary

  • 2017-2018 | Judge | “Confero” Debate Club, University of Pecs, Pecs, Hungary
  • 2017 | Speaker | “Immigrant Employment Internship Program – Personal Branding and career Training” organized by “Subjective Values Foundation”, Pecs, Hungary
  • 2020| Speaker | “Meeting of Azerbaijani Diaspora Youth”, Vienna, Austria

2013 | The best student of the year | Baku State University, Baku Azerbaijan. Due to successful academic performance, leadership competence, and dynamic social participation, I was honored as the best student of 2013.

2014 | 1st place at “What? Where? When?” intellectual quiz competition | Azerbaijan Intellectual Games Club, Baku Azerbaijan. “Diplomaticos” was awarded for the 1st place at the synchronized championship named “What? Where? When?” among higher universities in the 2013-2014 season.

2016 | Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship | Tempus Public Foundation, Hungary. Due to my high academic performance, I was awarded a scholarship by Tempus Public Foundation and my master’s degree at the University of Pecs is sponsored by the Hungarian Government.

2018 | Grant for the internship program in the European Parliament (Brussels) | The Youth Foundation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Youth Foundation of the Republic of Azerbaijan has announced a competition called “the internship at the European Parliament (Brussels city) for the purpose of learning the international practice of the international organizations”. As a result of the examination of documents and interviews with the applicants, the Youth Foundation decided to finance my participation in the internship program.

2019 | Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship | Tempus Public Foundation, Hungary. Due to my high academic performance, I was awarded a scholarship by Tempus Public Foundation and my PhD degree at the Corvinus University of Budapest is sponsored by the Hungarian Government.

  • Debater at Political Diplomacy Club | Ireli Public Union, Baku Azerbaijan. I was awarded for completing the project “Political Debates-2” by the organization of “Ireli” Public Union Political Diplomacy Club.
  • Certificate of Attendance | AEGEE Baku, Baku Azerbaijan. I was the presenter in “European Azerbaijan project” and my presentation was about relationships in politics, economy, and culture between Azerbaijan and Roma 
  • Certificate of Attendance | Subjective Values Foundation, Pecs Hungary. I participated and completed the course of “Immigrant Employment Internship Program – Personal Branding and Career Training” 14 hours training program.
  • Certificate of Appreciation | UNEC Research Foundation, Baku Azerbaijan. The essay competition was organized by the UNEC Research Foundation and my article was announced as one of the winners of the project. Publication: Russia’s actions against the Southern Gas Corridor and potential impacts in this direction”.
  • Course Certificate | John Hopkins University, Maryland, Uniter States. I have successfully completed “The Data Scientist’s Toolbox” non-credit course authorized by John Hopkins University.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, speaking in public, to the group, or via electronic media, experienced at giving presentations to large audiences.
  • Analytical, ability to work with team members, confidence and willingness to make tough decisions, critical thinking, strategic planning, goal setting and meeting goal, project management.
  • Proficient user in MS Office, Windows OS, Photoshop, Edit- Utilities, Sofware programs, Open Office, Social Media (SEO, ads tools).