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Ultimate Study Dashboard Notion Template

📢 The ultimate study system for Notion. This dashboard is perfect for Master’s and PhD students; however, bachelor’s students also may benefit from most elements of the dashboard.

🎯 This dashboard seamlessly combines tasks, notes, reading materials, class schedules, publication activities, conference information and many more features – creating one page to store all relevant and important information related to your studies. ⏱️

🗞️ Inside, you’ll find advanced features like:

  • PhD Notes, Literature Review, Web Sources, Interview Process databases (linked to each other for better productivity);
  • Thesis writing, Outline, and Research Proposal pages to advance your dissertation preparation;
  • Publication and Conferences databases to keep track of your academic activities;
  • Courses databases that store reading materials, notes, course descriptions, requirements, schedules, announcements, etc.

Ultimate Study Dashboard has been tested and optimized for all devices and screen sizes, which allows you to enter input from your mobile device, tablet or laptop whenever and wherever possible. ☘️

This template includes on-page navigation and information blocks that give insights on how to use the template and modify it accordingly if necessary. Simply follow the guidelines on each page to fully understand the Dashboard concept.

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The ultimate study system for Notion.
Database view of Notes, Literature review, Web captures, Academic CV, Class info, Thesis writing, Publications/Conferences.
Price: 10 USD